Expressionist Painting

Recent  Paintings: The Gold Series.

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Minimalist Form. Simplifying and reducing to a more pure, less cluttered  visual statement. A whisper, not a symphony. Anyone can do these, thus we are all celebrating our unique choices. I like reflective surfaces that change as you walk by... like people. Gold works.

The Glitter Series.

Note how the angle of view changes the colors...

Let the music play for awhile... It works with the gold. Like fields of sun flowers seen from the window of a train.

    The Great Glitter Revenge. Has a material ever been more maligned?

Traditionally used as a glitzy decorative eye catching craft media, I never thought of it as particularly classy. But one day I was experimenting in a grid-like pattern with different surface textures, about fifty.

    For some reason I had a small amount of glitter and added it to one of the squares without much thought. And sure enough it did its thing in the light... glowed, dazzled, changed colors as you walked by, even in very low light. It did what it was supposed to do, catch your eye. But it was out of its element.

    So I started adding a little to a few dying painting to see what happened. I liked it. Next I tried to find out how much glitter was to much. Haven’t found that yet.

    The visual interaction with surface texture, different light angles, color shifts, amazes me.

They can’t be photographed only enjoyed in person. They are quiet, rather zen-like in the way they work... even in a hallway in moon light.

A visual Haiku.

Panels are mostly 2’x4’, or 2’x2’.

    I’ve been asked to explain the “man of P’o” on my bio page. These paintings represent that personal philosophy very well (a value system from ancient China that gets me through the night sometimes).

    “The man of P’o”... is upright and correct without knowing to do so was righteousness. He loves others without knowing that to do so was benevolence. He is sincere without knowing that it was loyalty. He keeps promises without knowing that to do so was to be in good faith. He helps others without thought of giving or receiving gifts. Thus his actions leave no trace and we have no record of his affairs.”   --Chuang Tzu.

As the light changes in angle and color the panels react accordingly...

“Brother Sun”

“Uffizi Afternoon”


“Transcendental Apogee”

“Etruscan Fire”




“The Red Desert”


“The Secret Garden”



Santessima Annunciata

La Madelena


Theodora of Revenna

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Inverno Arno


Shroud of Thebes